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About Sunshine Designs


I launched Sunshine Designs in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic in July of 2020, just out of my junior year of high school. Still operating as a one woman crew, I make all of our apparel, package and ship the orders, handle messages and emails, everything! I really love what I do and I appreciate all of the support so much.




Do you make the t-shirts & sweatshirts?

Yes! My t-shirts & sweatshirts are handcrafted (with the exception of about 5-10 designs that are printed by a local print shop using ink). For the rest, I use name brand heat transfer vinyl and a heat press to apply it to the shirts.

Do you take custom orders?

Sometimes! It really depends on the complexity of the design you are requesting. I only have certain capabilities with my materials, but I would be happy to consider it if you reach out to me :) If you would like one of my current designs slightly modified (ex. changing the text), I can always make changes like that!

What is the "Boutique" tab?

The boutique section features some everyday clothes (not handcrafted like the t-shirts/sweatshirts). The selection is small for now, but I am hoping to expand it in the future.

Are you looking for ambassadors?

Unfortunately I am not currently looking for ambassadors. However, if you would like a 10% off promo code, give a shoutout to on your Instagram story and then send a DM for the promo code!

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